One Night (Dawn/James) FRM

Title: One Night

Author: Jen

Rating: FRM

Pairing: Dawn/James

Summary: Three months after the Sunnydale collapse, Dawn has some big news to share with someone she had recently become estranged from.

A/N: This pairing is Dawn/James. In my headcanon, Giles has a twin brother named James (Anthony’s character from manchild), and it is my opinion that he and Dawn would have a lot in common despite the age difference.


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I'll Take Care of You (FRT) Buffy/Giles

Title: I’ll Take Care of You

Author: BuffyFan92/Will_Conqueror1

Rating: FRT

Pairing: Buffy/Giles

Summary: Giles is sick, Buffy takes care of him. Established relationship

A/N: Originally posted for the anon kink meme, but I've since edited it. 

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Oh, Dear Lord (Buffy/Giles) FRAO

Title: Oh, Dear Lord

Author: Jen W.

Rating: FRAO

Summary: Fearing for the life of his slayer, Giles walks in on Buffy in the middle of a private moment.

Timeline: Season 5 After Riley leaves, before Joyce dies.

Author’s Notes: Written for my wifey, thehuffster/jensbitch, as per her request. Also reviewed and edited by her.

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